HAIR – The Women’s Jewel

Hair is the most prominent external characteristic in the women’s body. Its unique significance obtains more awareness than any other body part. For a woman, hair symbolizes her femininity, and with its assistance, it transmits the image in which she would like to express to the environment in which she exists. The woman’s behavior will be affected significantly by how she intensely experiences her hair. The state of her hair will affect her mood and sense of her self-confidence.a

Hair that looks good causes a woman to feel feminine and self-confident, serene, friendly, and radiant towards her surroundings. A bad hair day experience directly affects her behavior and disposition, which will be expressed by a less friendly attitude towards her surroundings, reduce her self-image, sense of shame, and lack of comfort to the point that she experiences a lack of desire to communicate with her surroundings

A recently conducted survey among women reported that close to 40% that when their hair does not appear well in the morning, their day's duration is directly affected. They will develop a tendency to meet with as few people as possible, prefer staying at home or work in the office, in front of their computer, and avoid going out or spending time out


Approximately 72% of women identify that their hair's attractive appearance transmits an impression of a well-kept and healthy person